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Magic Minibeasts  

The Lost Raisin Bee

Written and Illustrated by Vipasha Bansal
The 'Raisin Bee' was first spotted by Vidisha Bansal who once saw a suspicious looking raisin with wings...

Magic Minibeasts

The Lost Raisin Bee

Flip Fly

Raisin Bee

Postman Slow

Connie caterpillar

Lady Ladybird

One day, a Raisin Bee flew out of her Raisin Beehive.

She was a very little Raisin Bee. She did not know how dangerous the world could be.

To her the world looked a beautiful place - the Sun was shining, the flowers were nodding in the gentle breeze, and other little Minibeasts were buzzing, crawling, flying, running, slithering about their business.

There was Belina Butterfly looking gorgeous, and Connie Caterpillar munching away at her twentieth leaf of the morning. There was Lady Ladybird, watering her flowers. And there was Flip Fly, politely raising his hat to her.

The Raisin Bee laughed with joy - how much better to be flying around in the sunshine than to be cooped up in a little, dark Raisin Beehive! She turned a little somersault of happiness.

She flew past Postman Slow's Post Office. She flew past Driggy Dragonfly's Den, and through the Daffodil Beds. She flew and she flew, till suddenly she realised she was lost!

'Oh no!' cried the little Raisin Bee. 'How will I ever get home?' And she crawled on to a leaf and began to cry.

Will you help the little Raisin Bee find her way home?

Click on the link below to see how you can help her.

Help the Raisin Bee find her way home!  

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