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Meera and the Surprise Pet

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Meera and her plant
Meera told Mrs. Ray and her friends all that Papa had said to her and Rani about plants. She told the children how she had to water it every day, and best of all, she showed them the white flowers and let them smell their sweet smell.

Shireen's dog was voted the most loveable pet, and Ram's mynah bird the most difficult! But Meera's plant was given a star as the most unusual pet!

Meera's plant was given a star

Mrs. Ray and the other children in class gathered around Meera to tell her how much they had liked her strange pet!

That night, Meera told her Papa all about the pets in school. Papa was pleased to hear that Meera's 'pet' had won a star. 'I knew you would enjoy a plant as a pet,' he said smiling happily.

That night Meera told Papa all about the pets in school

'Yes, ' said Meera, 'I do like looking after my plant, except...'

'Except...what?' asked Papa, still pleased with the success of his 'surprise pet'.

'Except,' said Meera, 'Do you think that one day I could still have a dog?'

The End

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