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Meera and the Surprise Pet

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Meera's plant
The next morning, Meera's bela had five starry white flowers again. Meera did not pick them. Instead, she left them on the plant to show the other children. Papa helped her carry the plant to school and set it down carefully in a corner of her classroom.

Other children had got their pets too. Shireen had brought her dog, a brown playful little puppy that kept chasing its own tail. Kaveri had brought her kitten, a frightened ball of fur that cuddled deep into Kaveri's arms. Amit had brought a bright green parrot and Ram a bold black mynah.

Shireen's dog Kaveri's kitten Amit's parrot Ram's mynah

All the children showed off their pets to the class, and talked about them.

'My dog eats my Daddy's slippers,' said Shireen.
'My kitten sleeps in my bed sometimes,' said Kaveri.
Amitís parrot said 'Mitthu, Mitthu' very loudly three times.
The mynah bird refused to speak, even when Ram begged it to.

Shireen and her dog Kaveri'and her kitten Amit and his parrot Ram and his mynah

Then it was Meera's turn.

'Tell us about your plant, Meera,' said Mrs. Ray, smiling kindly.

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