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Meera and the Surprise Pet

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'It's fine Meera,' said Mummy. 'Don't water it any more. Sometimes, too much of something can be as bad as too little.'

One day after school, Meera noticed tiny green buds on her plant. Next day they were bigger, and almost white. 'Perhaps I'll have my flowers soon,' thought Meera excitedly.

Sure enough, the very next morning, Meera's bela was in bloom. There they were on the plant - five pearly white flowers, clustered together. Meera touched one gently with her finger - it tumbled into her hand.

five pearly white flowers

'These flowers are very easy to pick,' said Mummy.

'But I don't want to pick them,' said Meera with tears in her eyes. 'I like them on the plant.'

'These flowers don't last very long, ' said Mummy. 'They will begin to turn brown and die in a few hours. So it does not matter if you pick them now. '

Mummy helped Meera pick the fragrant white flowers and arrange them in a tiny dish.Meera put them on the dining table, for Rani and Papa to see.In school, Meera told her best friend Meena all about her flowers. She felt sad though, that there weren't any left on the plant.

But Meera had a surprise next morning - the little plant had five more fragrant white flowers for her to pick!

When Meera went to school that day, she had another surprise - their teacher, Mrs. Ray told the children that the next day would be a special day for Meera's class. Every child who had a pet could bring it to school to show the others. The children were very excited. So was Meera - she too had a pet she could bring to school.

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