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Meera and the Surprise Pet

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'Bela?' asked Meera. 'Do you mean the pretty white flowers that my mummy puts in her hair sometimes?'

'Yes,' said the lady. 'The flowers are used to make gajras for the hair. They smell very sweet. Look after your plant. Give it plenty of water and lots of light. It will soon flower.'

Meera felt quite excited.

Mummy smiled when she saw the children walk in with their new 'pets'. 'Papa gets some good ideas,' she said, laughing.

Mummy smiled

Rani looked after her plant very well Rani and Meera looked after their plants very well. They would water them and move them around in their pots to make sure they got as much light and air as possible.

Rani showed Meera how to trim the dead leaves off. She had read about it in a book in school.

In a few weeks, Rani's plant was spilling out prettily from the pot. Papa helped Rani fix a stick in her pot, and tie a string around which the money plant could climb.

Meera's plant was growing too, but not as fast. She worried whether it was getting enough water.

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