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Meera and the Surprise Pet

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'Well,' said Rani slowly. 'Perhaps you have a point. Maybe I could buy a small teeny-weeny plant and see how I like it?'

'Well then, ' said Meera. 'Me too.' She was not quite sure how plants could be pets, but she did not want to be left out if Rani was doing something.

A smiling lady came up to the children. 'Hello,' she said.' I run this shop. Would you like me to help you choose your plants?''

a smiling lady came up to them

Rani chose a plant 'Yes, please,' said Rani politely.

The lady led the children towards a corner filled with plants of various kinds. Rani chose a pretty leafy plant. It had a soft wavy stem, and heart-shaped green leaves with a pretty marble pattern.

'That's a money plant,' said the lady in the shop. 'It's very easy to grow, but make sure you give it plenty of water. Keep it outside in the rain during the monsoons, and it will grow very fast.'

Meera's plant Meera chose a tiny plant with oval-shaped, dark green leaves. The leaves were pretty, with a pattern of veins, and a bit crinkly at the tips.

'That's a bela,' said the shop lady.

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