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Meera and the Surprise Pet

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'Then what can it be?' asked the children. 'You are tricking us,' cried Meera.

'Are you asking us a riddle?' asked Rani.

'No, I'm serious,' laughed Papa. 'Put on your shoes, and let's go get this surprise pet for you!'

Meera and Rani were puzzled - what kind of a pet did Papa mean? Surely pets were animals, and Mummy had said very firmly that there were to be no animals in the house.

They were even more puzzled when Papa took them to a little house with a brown wooden gate that said 'Nursery' in straggling black letters over it.


'Could he mean a baby?' Meera asked Rani excitedly. 'Only babies are found in Nurseries...'.

Rani laughed, 'No silly - you can't buy a baby! This is probably a nursery for plants!' Rani was right - it was a plant nursery, a place where plants are grown and sold.

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