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Meera and the Surprise Pet

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Meera went to bed that night dreaming of dogs. Rani was older and wiser - she knew her mother really meant no when she got cross like that.

Meera went to bed dreaming of dogs.

But Rani also wished they could have a dog. A dog seemed such fun. Her friend Ajay had a dog, and he was always talking about it.

That night Meera's parents had a talk. Mummy told Meera's father all about their conversation about a dog.

'Hmm,' said Papa, thoughtfully. 'You are right in that we cannot keep a dog,' he said. 'But perhaps we could get the children something else to look after,' he suggested. 'It will make the girls happy.'

'Well - as long as we don't get any animal into the house, ' said Mummy. 'I really do not have the time to give it proper care. Meera is still too young to be able to do everything herself, and Rani has no time with school and homework and friends. It would be cruel to keep a pet, and then not look after it properly.'

'I agree,' said Papa. 'But perhaps there IS a kind of pet they could keep...' and Papa smiled.

Mummy began to feel cross with him as well. 'As long as it is not an animal,' she warned. Papa only laughed - he loved planning surprises.

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