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Meera and the Surprise Pet

Written and Illustrated by Rohini Chowdhury

Meera Stories





Meera was busy colouring a picture in her drawing book.

Meera was busy colouring.

'Mummy,' she said suddenly, 'Can we keep a dog?'

'A dog?!' said her mother, looking up from her newspaper in surprise. 'Why do you want a dog?' she asked Meera.

'Because Shireen in school just had a birthday, and her parents gave her a dog. Oh please, can I have one?' said Meera.

'Could I please have a dog?

Rani, Meera's older sister, looked up from her book. 'That's a wonderful idea, Meera, ' she said, her eyes shining. 'Oh please, Mummy, do let's get a dog!'

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