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Hari's Train Journey

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Soon Hari began to feel sleepy. Mummy asked Hari to get off the seat. 'Let's make our beds', she said.

Hari watched in surprise as Baba lifted the back of their berth. It turned into another long berth. Baba fixed it with chains that hung from the berth above. So now they had three beds!

Asleep Baba climbed into the topmost berth. Hari scrambled into the middle one. Mummy slept on the lower one.

Soon the lights inside the carriage dimmed. The bright yellow lights went off. Dim blue night-lights came on instead. The train rocked Hari gently. It seemed to be singing a song as it rattled over the tracks. Hari fell fast asleep.

'Wake up, Hari', called Baba, shaking him. 'It's morning.' Hari sat up in surprise. For a moment he had forgotten they were on a train.

Mummy and Baba had pulled the suitcases out from under the berths, and were busy packing whatever they had opened on the train.

Mummy washed Hari's face and combed his hair. She asked him to put on his shoes. 'Are we almost there?' asked Hari in surprise.

'Yes,' answered Baba, as he stuffed his newspaper into a bag.

The train slowed down. They entered a station yard. Once again, Hari could see train tracks, criss-crossing.

They had arrived. A platform came slowly into view. There were Meera and Rani with their mother, Hari's Auntie Roma. Meera saw Hari waving excitedly from the train window. She waved back, jumping up and down with happiness.

Hari's train journey was over. It had been fun. He had another long journey to look forward to when he went back.

But before that he was going to have a wonderful holiday with his cousins.

The End

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