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Hari's Train Journey

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'Dinner time', called Mummy after a while.

She spread a towel on the berth between them. They ate cold puris and potatoes, with sweet, juicy mangoes.


Hari had never eaten such a delicious meal. 'Does food taste better on a train?' he asked.

Mummy laughed. 'Perhaps', said Baba, smiling.Hari laughed too. He happily ate another puri.

Very soon it became dark outside. Lights came on inside the train.

Hari still stared out of the open window. The air was cool now. It felt pleasant as it rushed passed and ruffled his hair.

It was pitch dark outside.


There were no lights as there are in towns and cities. The only light came from the train windows. They made bright yellow squares on the ground. Dark shadows during the day, bright squares at night, thought Hari.

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