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Hari's Train Journey

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Suddenly the train gave a loud whistle, and a jolt. 'We're off', said Baba.

Hari knelt by the window. He watched the station platform pass slowly by. They left behind the bookshop and the stall selling cold drinks.

The people standing on the platform kept waving goodbye till Hari could no longer see them. Now there were only steel tracks and other trains passing in and out of the station.

Hari's train began to move faster and faster. Soon they had left the city far behind.

There were green fields everywhere. 'That's rice,' said Mummy. Little streams ran through the fields. Hari saw some white birds flying across the fields. 'Those are egrets', said Mummy.


Once the train stopped in the middle of the fields. It was waiting for a signal, explained Baba.

Women were washing clothes at one end of the village pond. From his window, Hari could see a cluster of thatched huts beside a little pond.

Women were washing clothes at one end of the pond.

Some boys were diving and swimming at the other end. They seem to be having a lot of fun, thought Hari.

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