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Hari's Train Journey

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Baba called a coolie to help him with the luggage.

The coolie balanced their two heavy suitcases on his head. He tucked in Hari's small case under one arm. He also carried Mummy's food basket.

Hari was amazed. He had never seen one person carry so many things before.

Hari had never seen one person carry so many things before.

Suddenly, a loud voice came on over the speakers.

'That's our train being announced', said Baba. ' We'd better hurry.'

Baba and the coolie set off over the bridge to Platform 4. Hari and Mummy followed as quickly as Hari could run. She held his hand tight.Hari was very hot by the time they reached the platform. But he forgot everything as the train came in, pulled slowly by a large blue engine.

The train came in.
It was an electric engine. Baba had explained how the train tracks had electric cables running overhead for electric trains. Electric engines could go much faster than steam engines, Baba had said. Hari could hardly wait to get on the train.

Baba settled Mummy and Hari in their seats. He then made sure their things were put away neatly and safely under the long berths.

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