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Hari's Train Journey

Written and Illustrated by Rohini Chowdhury

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'Come on!' called Hari's father. 'The taxi is here! Hurry up, or we'll miss our train!'

Hari and his parents were going to visit Hari's cousins, Rani and Meera. Meera was Hari's favourite cousin. She was also four years old, the same age as Hari.

Baba had called a taxi to take them to the station. 'We have too much luggage,' he grumbled. Baba and the taxi driver piled the luggage onto the carrier on the roof of the taxi. Hari climbed in with Mummy. Baba sat in the front beside the driver.

They piled their luggage onto the taxi.

Hari was very excited. He loved train journeys, but hardly ever had the chance to go on one. Mummy had told him this was going to be a long journey. They would have to sleep on the train at night.

Soon they were at the station. The station was very noisy and very crowded. Mummy asked Hari to hold her hand tight. 'Do not let go of my hand', she said. 'You can get lost here.'

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