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Meera and Meena Go to the Zoo

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Auntie Rina had packed a wonderful picnic lunch for all of them. The children ate and ate till they could eat no more.

'Last stop - monkeys!' called Uncle Suresh after everyone had eaten and cleared away the picnic.

The monkeys

The monkeys' cage was hung with ropes and swings and tyres. The monkeys were swinging and jumping and running all over. They seemed to be having a marvellous time.

Meena laughed and clapped her hands. The monkeys were her favourite animals.

'The day had passed too quickly for the children. They wished they could stay longer. But it was late afternoon and soon it would get chilly.

'We must go home now,' said Meena's mother.

The children chattered excitedly about their day all the way back. Meera was dying to tell her elder sister Rani all about the animals she had seen that day.

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