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Meera and Meena Go to the Zoo

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'Look, look!' called out a group of children excitedly. 'The peacocks are dancing!'

'The peacocks are dancing'

Meera and Meena ran over to the peacock enclosure. The beautiful birds had spread their tails in a fan over their backs, and were slowly turning and moving in a dance.

'It seems as though they can hear music that we can't!' said Meena's mother. Auntie Rina was as fascinated by the glorious birds as the children.

'Do you know that the peacock is India's national bird?' asked Uncle Suresh. Meera had not known. She decided to remember it and tell Rani when she got back home.

Uncle Suresh then led the way to the tiger enclosure.

The two tigers The two tigers lived in a large grassy enclosure with a deep moat around it. 'So that they don't get out,' explained Uncle Suresh.

The tigers were fast asleep on a sunny rock. 'They've probably had a good lunch,' said Meena's father.

Auntie Rina laughed. 'What about our lunch?' she asked.

Meera and Meena realised that they were hungry.

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