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Meera and Meena Go to the Zoo

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In they went to the zoo.

'We're there, girls!' called Uncle Suresh. 'Now remember, hold hands and stay close to us,' said Auntie Rina.

Uncle Suresh went to buy tickets for all of them, and in they went to the Zoo.

Meera had not had so much fun in a long time. She liked all the animals, but her favourite was the big grey elephant called Chandni.

Chandni lived in the elephant enclosure with two other elephants. She loved little children almost as much they loved her.

Chandni's keeper Ashok gave Meera and Meena some peanuts for the elephant. 'Hold them out in your hands,' he said. 'Chandni loves being fed by children.'

'Chandni loves being fed by children.'

The elephant reached out over the fence with her trunk, and gently took the peanuts from their hands.

'Oh!' cried Meena, 'that tickled!'

Meera laughed happily.

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