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Meera and Meena Go to the Zoo

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'No,' said Meena. 'I've come to take you to the Zoo with us!'

'The Zoo!' said Meera in joy. 'Oh Mummy, can I really go with Meena?'

'Why not?' said Mummy smiling. 'Auntie Rina and Uncle Suresh have been kind enough to invite you.'

Meera ran to change her frock and put on her shoes. Mummy quickly bundled her into a warm coat.

'Bye Meera,' called Mummy, 'have a lovely time and be good!'

'We'll take the tram.''We'll take the tram,' said Meena's mother, smiling at the two excited girls.

Meera liked Auntie Rina very much - she thought she was great fun.

The children climbed on to the tram and settled themselves by the window for the long ride to the Zoo.

Meera could see the gleaming steel tracks, like narrow railway tracks, along which the tram was running. If she tilted her head to one side and squinted upwards, she could catch a glimpse of the overhead cable sparking and swinging as the tram passed by.

The tram moved slowly, so the children had plenty of time to look out at the busy streets. Uncle Suresh pointed out his office building to the two girls. Meera thought it looked grand. Meena smiled happily, proud of her father and glad to be with him.

Auntie Rina opened a bag and gave each of the girls a banana. 'For you,' she said laughing. 'Not for the monkeys at the Zoo!'

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