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Meera and Meena Go to the Zoo

Written and Illustrated by Rohini Chowdhury

Meera Stories





Meera was bored. School was closed for the winter holidays, and she was tired of being at home all day.

Meera was bored.

She had not met her best friend Meena for one whole week. Meera's older sister Rani had no time to bother with her. Even the weather was boring, thought Meera - cold and grey, with not a ray of sunshine.

'Meera!' called Mummy. 'Look who's here!' It was Meena, with her mother and father. Meera cheered up at once.

'Hello Meena!' said Meera.

'Namaste Auntie Rina, namaste Uncle Suresh!' Meera greeted Meena's mother and father. 'Hello Meena', said Meera to her friend. 'Have you come to play?'

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Meera stories

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