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Meera Goes Shopping

Written and Illustrated by Rohini Chowdhury

Meera Stories





'Meera!' called Mummy. 'I am going out to buy some vegetables. Do you want to come?'

Let's go shopping.

'Yes, Mummy', said Meera. She loved to go to the market with Mummy. She ran to put on her shoes.

Meera held Mummy's hand as they walked down the road. It was a very busy road. Cars and buses were racing down it very fast. Meera knew she had to walk on the pavement. She kept close to Mummy.

Meera crossed the road with Mummy.

Mummy stopped at the zebra crossing. They had to cross the road. The traffic light turned red. The cars and buses stopped. Mummy and Meera crossed quickly and carefully.

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