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Meera Gets lost

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That night Mummy made her promise that she would never, ever run off on her own again.

'We were lucky, Meera, that a kind lady found you and helped you. Suppose it had been somebody wicked instead?' said Mummy.

Home again

Papa explained that if ever she got separated from them in a crowd, she should stay where she was, and they would come and find her. If she needed help, she ought to go to somebody in charge, and not speak to strangers.

Meera promised to remember. She still felt like crying when she thought of being lost and alone in that swirling crowd.

'Now stop fretting about this evening,' said Mummy giving her a kiss. 'Let's read your new book instead.' Mummy read her a lovely story about the strange adventures of a naughty little cat called Kitten-Cat.

Meera fell asleep with her new book clutched in her arms, and dreamed of cats all night long.

The End

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