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Meera Gets lost

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Soon Meera heard her name being announced over the microphones.

'A little girl called Meera is lost. She is about five years old and is wearing a pink frock. She was found looking for her mother near the children's book tent. Would her parents please come to the Control tent to collect her?'

The Control tent was the tent from where the announcements were made and where the kind lady had brought her.

Suddenly Meera saw her mother, father and Rani running towards the Control tent.

'Meera!' said her mother, hugging her. 'What a fright you gave us!'


'What a silly you are, to run away like that!' said Rani, giving her a hug as well.

Papa did not say a word - just held her close.

Mummy and Papa then thanked the kind lady and the Control tent people for finding their little girl.

Meera held on tight to Mummy's hand the rest of the evening. She never wanted to get lost again.She cheered up only when Papa bought her a big book full of stories and lovely pictures.

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