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Meera Gets lost

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Meera did not know what to do or where to go. She felt terribly frightened. Tears began rolling down her cheeks, and soon she was sobbing loudly.'Mummy!' she called. But she could not see her mother anywhere.

'What's the matter?' asked a kind voice suddenly. 'Are you lost, little girl?'

A kind lady

Meera looked up to see a kind looking lady in jeans and a kurta, smiling at her.'Yes,' sobbed Meera. 'I want my Mummy, and I can't find her!'

'What's your name?' asked the kind lady.

'Meera,' said Meera.

'Come on, Meera, let's see if we can find your Mummy,' said the lady.

The lady took Meera by the hand and led her to a large tent in the middle of the fair. Several people were sitting there, making announcements of all kinds over microphones. Meera could hear these announcements all over the fair.

The control tent

The lady led Meera up to one of these people and said, 'The child is lost. Her name is Meera. Could you please make an announcement to find her parents?'

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