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Meera Gets lost

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Meera was tired of waiting. She wanted to join Rani and Papa in the big bright tent. She decided to go in by herself. 'I'm sure I'll find them inside,' she said. 'After all, I did see them go in, and they haven't come out yet!' Meera left her mother and walked into the big tent all by herself.


She had never seen so many books in one place before.There were shelves upon shelves of books, bright books with lots of pictures and words that Meera could read. There were people everywhere - children with their mothers and fathers, even grown-ups without children. Everybody was busy looking through books, choosing books, buying books.

Meera looked around for Rani and Papa. But she could not see them anywhere. She felt a little worried.

'Perhaps they're hidden by the shelves,' she thought. 'I should look for them a little more.'

But Rani and Papa were nowhere to be found.

Meera decided to turn back and join her mother. She came out of the tent and turned towards the stall where she had left her mother.

But everything looked different. Even the ice cream van was no longer where Meera had seen it.

There were just stalls and stalls of books, and crowds of people milling around. Meera could not see her family anywhere. Meera was lost.

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