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Meera Gets lost

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Meera nodded, but she wasn't really listening. She could see the stalls now, crowded with people looking at the books. There were bright lights everywhere and loud music over the speakers. An ice cream van was doing good business.

At the fair

A big tent near the entrance seemed to be full of children's books. It was decorated with bright posters. Children were going in and out with their parents, some laden with bags bulging with books. Rani and Papa immediately made for the big tent.

Meera tugged at Mummy's sari. 'Let's go in as well, Mummy,' she said. 'I want to see what Rani is buying.'

'Yes, Meera, in a minute,' said Mummy. 'I want to see some books in this stall first.'

Mummy turned to look at some books in a small stall outside. Meera looked too. The books looked boring. They had no pictures and no bright colours. The words were too big for Meera to read.'Let's go, Mummy,' said Meera again.

'Yes, Meera, I'm almost finished here,' said Mummy. 'Give me a moment more.'

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