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Meera Gets Lost

Written and Illustrated by Rohini Chowdhury

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'Hurry up, Meera!' called Rani, Meera's elder sister. 'We'll miss the bus!'

Hurry up, Meera!

'Coming!' called Meera, 'Just one shoe more!'

Meera quickly buckled her shoe and ran out where Rani and her parents were waiting for her.They were going to the book fair.Rani loved going to the fair. She would come back laden with books and then disappear into her room for hours.Meera had never been to the book fair before. But she was as excited as Rani.

'Now Meera,' said Mummy, as the bus stopped outside the book fair, 'you must stay close to Papa or to me. Otherwise you could get lost very easily in the crowd.'

To the fair

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Meera stories

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