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Meera's First Day in School

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Soon the bell rang for break. It was time for a snack. Meera realised she was hungry. Meera and Meena sat down together. They opened their lunch boxes.

Meera's mother had given her a cheese sandwich and a lovely juicy orange. Meena also had a sandwich, and a ripe yellow banana.

Meera gave Meena some of her orange.
Meena gave her half her banana.

The children finished their snack as quickly as they could. It was playtime.

Meera and Meena ran out into the playground.

Meera and Meena ran out into the playground together.

There were swings and seesaws.
There was even a merry-go-round.
There was sand to dig in and a hutch full of rabbits.

Playtime was over much too quickly for Meera and Meena.

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