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Meera's First Day in School

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Soon they were at the school.
Very soon, they were at the big green gates of the school. Meera was not afraid. She had been here many times before with Mummy to pick up Rani. Also, Rani had told her what happened in school. It had sounded like fun.

Rani ran off quickly through the gates. She was soon lost among her friends.

Meera and Papa walked in more slowly. Meera clutched her father's hand as tightly as she could.

Meera's classroom was a big bright room. It had little chairs and tables for the children to sit on.

A smiling lady in a green sari met her at the door. 'Hello, Meera', said the lady. 'I am Mrs. Ray. I will be your class teacher.'

'I am Mrs. Ray.'

Suddenly Meera did not want her father to leave. 'Don't go, Papa', she whispered. 'It's all right Meera,' said her father, laughing. 'You are a brave girl. You will have so much to do here.'

Papa led her into the classroom. There were puzzles on a table, and books to read, and crayons to colour with. 'Besides', said Papa, 'Rani is only two rooms away. And Mummy will be here before you notice.'

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