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Meera's First Day in School

Written and Illustrated by Rohini Chowdhury

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Today was Meera's first day in school. She felt very excited. She had woken up very early today. She wanted to be ready on time.

'Hurry up, Meera,' called Rani.

'Hurry up, Meera!' called Rani, her older sister. 'Let's not be late on your first day!' Rani went to the same school. Meera ran to put on her smart new shoes.

Mummy gave her her water bottle and lunch box. Meera had gone with Papa to the market last weekend to buy them. They were a bright blue colour. They also had yellow butterflies painted on them. Meera felt very proud of her new things.

Mummy gave her her water bottle and lunch box.

Meera held Papa's hand. Rani walked on his other side. 'Bye, children!' called Mummy from the door. 'Have fun, Meera ... and Rani, look after your little sister.'

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