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Kitten-Cat is Good, cont'd

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Kitten-Cat is Good

Kitten-Cat Helps with the Cooking

More Kitten-Cat stories

Soon Little-Girl's Mamma felt better.

'Aren't you a good little child,' said Mamma, giving her a big hug.

'And isn't Kitten-Cat being a good little kitten!' said Mamma, giving him a pat.

Little-Girl was happy again. She pulled out some paints. She pulled out some brushes. She began to paint.

Kitten-Cat was happy too.
He jumped up onto the table.
He sniffed at the paint. He knocked over the paint!

'Watch out! Kitten-Cat!' cried Little-Girl.


Kitten-Cat STEPPED into the paint!
And painted all over the floor!

'Oh dear, Kitten-Cat,' sighed Little-Girl.

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