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Kitten-Cat is Good

Words by Rohini Chowdhury
Pictures by Philomena Saldanha

Kitten-Cat stories

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Kitten-Cat is Good

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More Kitten-Cat stories

Little-Girl's Mamma had a headache. She wasn't feeling too well.

'Oh, Kitten-Cat, do you think you could be good today?' asked Little-Girl. 'Mamma isn't well.'

'I will be good,' miaowed Kitten-Cat.

'Yes, Little-Girl,' miaowed Kitten-Cat. 'I will be good.'

Little-Girl carried him off to her playroom.

Kitten-Cat sat quietly on the playroom carpet. He let Little-Girl dress him up in Big Doll's clothes. He did not tear the clothes off. He even let Little-Girl wheel him around the playroom in the Big Doll's pram!
Kitten-Cat was being good.

He watched Little-Girl lay out her toy train on the floor. He did not chase the tiny engine round and round the tracks. He watched Little-Girl build a tall tower out of bright little bricks. He did not knock the tower down.
Kitten-Cat was being good!

Little-Girl spilled her milk on the playroom floor. Kitten-Cat helped her clean up without being told.
Kitten-Cat was being good.

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Copyright © Rohini Chowdhury 2002.
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