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Kitten-Cat Helps With the Cooking

Words by Rohini Chowdhury
Pictures by Philomena Saldanha

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Kitten-Cat Helps with the Cooking

More Kitten-Cat stories

Kitten-Cat was playing all by himself in the garden. He didn't want to play all by himself. He wanted Little-Girl to play with him.

But Little-Girl was in the kitchen. Little-Girl was cooking.So Kitten-Cat decided to help Little-Girl with the cooking. Kitten-Cat walked into the kitchen and jumped up onto the counter.

'Oh dear, Kitten-Cat!' said Little-Girl. 'Hadn't you perhaps play in the garden?'

'No, Little-Girl,' miaowed Kitten-Cat. 'I want to help with the cooking.'

But of course, Little-Girl did not understand. She put Kitten-Cat out into the garden and shut the kitchen door.

But Kitten-Cat wanted to help Little-Girl with the cooking! He didnít want to play by himself!

So Kitten-Cat jumped on to the windowsill, and into the kitchen.

SPLASH! landed Kitten-Cat into the kitchen sink which was full of water. CRASH! went the dishes soaking in the kitchen sink.'Miaow!' Went Kitten-Cat in fright!

'Oh dear, Kitten-Cat!' said Little-Girl, 'What a mess!' Little-Girl picked up Kitten-Cat and wrapped him in a towel to get nice and dry again. She put him in his basket by the kitchen door.

But Kitten-Cat still wanted to help with the cooking. He jumped up onto the kitchen stool. Now he could see what Little-Girl was doing.

Little-Girl was baking a cake for her mother. She mixed some flour in a bowl.

Kitten-Cat looked at the flour. It looked soft and white. Kitten-Cat put out a paw. Kitten-Cat patted the bowl of flour. Kitten-Cat sniffed the flour. SNEEZE! Went Kitten-Cat.BLOW! Went the flour! CRASH went the bowl and Kitten-Cat onto the floor!

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Copyright © Rohini Chowdhury 2002.
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