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Bilari Billi

Time for School, Bilari Billi ...cont'd

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Bilari Billi and the Big, Black Crow

Time for School, Bilari Billi

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Bilari Billi

 'I found my shoes!' cried Radha.

Radha hated wearing the wrong shoes to school, but she hated being late even more.She decided to wear her sandals to school.

'Bye Billi!' said Radha. 'I know I'm really really late, and I had better go put on my sandals, but here's your hug anyway!'

Radha picked up Billi for a cuddle, and what did she see? A pair of black, shiny school shoes in the corner! Billi had been sitting on them all this while!

'Mummy! I found my shoes!' called Radha. 'Thank you Billi, for taking care of them!'

But Billi jumped out of Radha's arms and walked away, to her home under the peepul tree. She liked Radha, but she really did NOT like Radha's going off to school every morning!

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