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Bilari Billi

Time for School, Bilari Billi ...cont'd

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Bilari Billi and the Big, Black Crow

Time for School, Bilari Billi

More Bilari Billi stories
Bilari Billi

 'Hurry up, Radha!' said Mummy and Rahul.

'Time for school! Radha,' called Mummy, hurrying in to the room, and hurrying out again.

'My shoes!' wailed Radha. 'I can't find my shoes! Please help me, Mummy. Rahul won't help, and Billi won't help!'

Mummy came into the room shaking her head. She looked all over, under the bed, in the bathroom, even in the cupboard, but she couldn't find Radha's shoes.

'Wear something else, Radha!' said Mummy finally. 'You'll be really late if we hunt around any more!'

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