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Bilari Billi

Time for School, Bilari Billi

Words by Rohini Chowdhury
Pictures by Vipasha Bansal

Bilari stories

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Time for School, Bilari Billi

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Bilari Billi

It was a hot, bright morning.

'have you seen my shoes, Billi?' asked Radha.

Radha was getting ready for school. She had put on her uniform, and Mummy had tied her hair in two long braids. She had eaten her breakfast and put all her books together. But she couldn't find her shoes!

She had looked all over - under the bed, in the bathroom, even inside the cupboard. But she couldn't see her shoes anywhere.

'Oh dear, Billi!' said Radha to her kitten. 'What am I to do? I'll be really late!'

Billi sat curled up in a corner of Radha's room, watching Radha as she ran around looking for her shoes.

Billi liked Radha. But she did not like Radha's going off to school every morning.

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