The Adventures of Meera

Written and illustrated by Rohini Chowdhury

Hi, I'm Meera


Hi! I am Meera. I am four years old.
I live in a BIG city in India with my Mummy and my Papa and my sister, Rani.

My best friend is called Meena. We do everything together. We even go to the same school.

And then, there is my cousin Hari. He lives far away, and visits us sometimes.


Here we all are: my sister Rani, me again with Mummy, Meena and  Hari.

pp_meera_rani Meera with Mummy Meera's best friend, Meena Meera's cousin, Hari

 Rani and Meena and Hari and I have loads of fun together. 

Our stories were first published in 2002.
Now you can read all our adventures here!

First published, 2002. Copyright © Rohini Chowdhury 2002. All rights reserved.