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Uncle Booji's Visit

A story by Asha Nehemiah

This story was originally in our 'Tales of Today' section

Uncle Booji's Visit

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One morning, Mother got a letter.

"How nice!" Mother said to Neha and Nikhil. " Uncle Booji, has written to say that he is coming to visit us today. I'm going shopping now. If Uncle Booji comes here before I get back home, please give him some tea and biscuits."

"Who is Uncle Booji?" Neha asked her mother.

"Uncle Booji is your Father's friend," said Mother. "He wears colourful clothes and dances very well. Uncle Booji loves making people laugh. You are sure to like him!"

Mother went shopping. Neha and Nikhil were playing at home, when they heard a knock at the window.

"That must be Uncle Booji," said Neha.

"But why does he want to come in through the window?" Nikhil asked.

"Uncle Booji wants to come in through the window because he loves making people laugh. Didn't Mother tell us that?" Neha opened the window.

There on the window sill, beside the flowerpot, stood Uncle Booji.

"He's not very tall is he?" Nikhil rubbed his eyes in surprise.

"Sshh. Don't be rude," Neha told her brother. "Do come in Uncle Booji. We are so happy to meet you."

Uncle Booji jumped into the room. He was wearing very colourful clothes, just as their Mother had said. He wore a red coat, rainbow-coloured pyjamas and a pair of green glasses. On his head was a purple cap and round his neck was a blue and orange scarf that covered most of his face!

"Would you like some tea and biscuits, Uncle Booji?" asked Neha.

"Chikki chikki boom doom," said Uncle Booji, scratching his head.

Neha and Nikhil didn't understand what Uncle Booji said but they thought he was trying to make them laugh, so they laughed very loudly.

They took Uncle Booji to the dining table.

"Acky wacky quack tack," Uncle Booji sounded happy and excited. So happy that he sat on the table instead of on the chair. So excited that he drank the tea straight from the teapot and...CCRRUNCHCH, CHOMP, CCRRUNCHCH ... He quickly ate up three packets of biscuits without even taking off the paper wrappers!

Then Uncle Booji started beating the teapot like a drum and danced on the table knocking down the cups and plates that were on it. He danced on the chairs, he danced in the kitchen, he danced all around the house.

"Mother was right! Uncle Booji dances very well," said Neha as she and Nikhil joined the fun and danced along with Uncle Booji.

Just then the doorbell rang. When he heard the bell, Uncle Booji stopped dancing. He jumped out of the window and ran away.

"Come back, Uncle Booji," shouted Neha, "Mother and Father will want to meet you." But Uncle Booji had already gone.

Mother came in. How angry she was to see the house in such a mess! The children told her that Uncle Booji had come to visit them and that they had enjoyed dancing with him.

The doorbell rang again.

" Maybe Uncle Booji is back!" said Nikhil.

But it wasn't Uncle Booji at the door. It was two men in uniforms. "Have you seen the chimpanzee that has run away from our Circus today?" they asked. "It's wearing a red coat and rainbow-coloured pyjamas. It's also wearing green glasses and a purple cap."

"A chimpanzee from your circus? Oh no, we haven't seen any chimpanzee at all. Only Uncle Booji has visited us today," said Mother and she shut the door.

Neha and Nikhil looked at each other in surprise!

"A chimpanzee that's run away from the circus! Doesn't that sound scary?" asked Mother.

"I don't think it's scary at all," said Neha, "I think a chimpanzee wearing a red coat and rainbow-coloured pyjamas sounds nice."

"Yes, a chimpanzee wearing green glasses and a purple cap sounds very, very nice indeed!" added Nikhil, winking at his sister.


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