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Books by Rohini Chowdhury

Ardhakathanak(A Half Story)
White Tiger
The Three Princes of Persia
Aesop's Fables
The Adventures of Meera

Rohini Chowdhury's Blog Around the Fireplace


From the Panchatantram:
The Three Fishes
The Indigo Jackal
The Monkey and the Crocodile
The Talkative Turtle

From Aesop:
The Ant and the Grasshopper
The Lion and the Mouse
The Ass and the Lapdog
The Cat and the Fox
The Lion with Bad Breath

From the Uncle Remus Stories of JC Harris:
How Brer Rabbit Met Brer Tar Baby

Find out more...
The Panchatantram
Who was Aesop
Who was Phaedrus
Writers of fables


Why the Sky is So High - a folktale from Bengal, India
Why the Sea is Salt - a folktale from Karelia
Dick Whittington and His Cat - an English folktale
The Miserly Old Woman - a folktale from India
How the Old Woman Got Her Wish - a folktale from India
The Two Sisters-in-Law - a folktale from India
To Vishnu's Wedding - a folktale from India


Cap o' Rushes
Little Red Riding Hood
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The Emperor's New Clothes

Find out more...
Why are fairy tales so called?
What is a fairy?

Kinds of fairy

Fairytale Writers

Famous Fairies
The Cottingley Fairies
Queen Mab


Two Rivers
Dhruv - The Pole Star
Ganesh, Parvati's son
Kartikkeya - the Son of Shiva
A Trip Around the Universe
Krishna's Birth

Festival Stories

Durga Puja
Guy Fawkes' Day

Tales from History

The Offering - a story about the Buddha and Emperor Ashoka
Robert Bruce and the Spider

Classics Retold

Lav and Kush, the Royal Twins - a story from the Ramayana
A Midsummer Night's Dream

Science fiction and Fantasy

Isaac Asimov's The Three Laws of Robotics.

Stories Behind Great Discoveries

'Eureka!' - the story of Archimedes and the Golden Crown
Who was Archimedes?
Who was Galileo?

Tales Behind Nursery Rhymes

Ring a ring o' roses
London Bridge is Falling Down
Little Miss Muffet
Mary Had a Little Lamb


Alice-in-Wonderland Crossword
Robin Hood Wordsearch

Short Stories by Rohini Chowdhury

The Kite
The Perfect Plan

Blog Archives

The Great Banyan Tree
A Visit to Mughal India
The Lake District - Vignettes and Views
A Walk Into the Past
South Bank...
A tale of two cities
Autumn Ramblings
'Tis the night before Christmas
Knives to Grind...
In a Railway Carriage

Reviews of Children's Books

Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony - by Eoin Colfer
Eragon - by Christopher Paolini
Five Children and It - by E. Nesbit
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - by J.K. Rowling
Noughts and Crosses - by Malorie Blackman
Skellig - by David Almond
Stig of the Dump - by Clive King

Writers' Biographies

La Fontaine
Joel Chandler Harris

Joseph Jacobs
Charles Perrault
Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
Hans Christian Andersen

Modern Fiction for Children:
David Almond
E. Nesbit

More Writings by Rohini Chowdhury

Articles first published in IMPULSE HOOT: The Children's Magazine:

D-Day: The Beginning of the End - June 2009
America is Born! - July 2009
America Bombs Japan - August 2009
Vivekananda Makes India Proud - September 2009
"Land Ahoy!" - October 2009
India Has a Constitution - November 2009
Tragedy Strikes Bhopal - December 2009
India Moves Towards Freedom - January 2010
Space Shuttle Columbia Breaks Up in the Skies - February 2010
India Welcomes a Man of Peace - March 2010

Pomegranate Pips - Stories for Younger Children

Wake Up, Kitten-Cat
Come Here, Kitten-Cat
Kitten-Cat is Good
Kitten-Cat Helps with the Cooking

Bilari Billi:
Bilari Billi, the Little Grey Kitten:
Bilari Billi and the Big, Black Crow
Time for School, Bilari Billi

The Adventures of Meera:
Meera's First Day in School - Book 1
Meera and Meena Go to the Zoo - Book 2
Meera Gets Lost - Book 3
Meera Goes Shopping - Book 4
Meera and the Surprise Pet - Book 5
Hari's Train Journey - Book 6

Magic Minibeasts:
The Lost Raisin Bee


Fairytale Postbag:

From Sneezy to his Pharmacist
From Grumpy to his Doctor
From Grumpy to Dopey
From Sleepy to his Doctor
From Dopey to Dr.Box
From Snow White to her Prince
From Snow White to her Prince - Again
From Snow White to her Stepmother
From the Three Little Pigs to the Big Bad Wolf
From the Big Bad Wolf to the Three Little Pigs
From the Big Bad Wolf to the Three Billy Goats Gruff
From Grandma to Little Red Riding Hood
From the Princess Aurora to her Prince
From Cinderella to the Shoemaker
From the Giant to Jack
From the Giant to Jack's Mum
From the Bear Family to Goldilocks
From Baby Bear to Goldilocks

Tales of Today

The Girl Who Wouldn't Get Out of Bed - by Piyali Sengupta
Raman's New Flute - by Asha Nehemiah
Uncle Booji's Visit - by Asha Nehemiah
The Jimbaroo - a nonsense story in verse by Rohini Chowdhury
Answers to Do you Know...?

Books to read

Books mentioned on this website

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