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Robin Hood Wordsearch
Created by Rohini Chowdhury

How familiar are you with the adventures of Robin Hood, the legendary outlaw hero of medieval England?

Try your hand at this word search. Hidden among the maze of letters are the names of Robin's close friends as well as those of some of his enemies. Hidden too are words that describe some fact or aspect of Robinís life. The words run vertically as well as horizontally across the grid. The clues are there to help you.

We do not have the online version of the wordsearch yet, but hope to be able to put it up soon! Meanwhile, do print it out, and take a shot at it with pen or pencil!

Robin Hood wordsearch grid

Robin Hood and his band of loyal followers were rebels, robbing and killing the rich and the powerful and giving the spoils to the poor. Robin and his men fought against injustice and tyranny, constantly outwitting the unfair and often cruel representatives of law and authority. Ballads about Robin Hood have been composed and sung in England from as far back as 1440, though some of the tales seem to be set even earlier, during the reign of Richard I and his brother King John in the 12th and 13th centuries. There is no firm evidence that Robin Hood was a real, historical figure. Nevertheless, the stories of his exploits remain as exciting and interesting today as they were several hundred years ago.

Wordsearch Clues

1. Robin's band of outlaws was known as his M----/M--

2. The outlaws' preferred shade of green to dress in was L------

3. Robin's preferred choice of meat was V------

4. Robin's favourite weapon was the L------

5. Robin was skilled at A------

6. Robin and his men lived in S------- Forest

7. Robin's true love was M---/M-----

8. Robin gave his allegiance to the rightful King R------

9. The rightful king of England, who led his soldiers to the Crusades, was given the appellation of L--------

10. Devout and dangerous, he loved his food and his ale. This jolly old priest was Robin's follower and some say performed the wedding ceremony for Robin and his true love. He is F----/T---

11. Outlawed for killing his father's steward, exiled to the greenwood, he joined Robin's band after beating Robin in a broadsword fight. Some say he was Robin's nephew. Renamed upon joining the band of outlaws, he was called after the red colour of the clothes he was wearing when first he came to the forest. He was W---/S-------

12. Robin's second-in-command, and said to be over 7 feet tall, he definitely isn't what his name indicates. He is L-----/J---

13. The miller's son who threw his sack of flour at Robin, beat him in a fight, and then joined the band of outlaws. He is M---

14. The musician of the band, not a warrior, he would sing for the outlaws, as well as of them. Robin saved his true love Ellen from being wed to a nasty old knight. He is A---/A/D---

15. Robin's sworn enemy and most famous foe, the Sheriff of N---------

16. He set out to search for Robin, to capture him and kill him. Instead Robin kills him in a fair fight. He was Sir G--/of/G-------

17. Lover of Robin's cousin, he proves to be Robin's deadliest foe. He finally kills Robin through trickery. He was called R--/R-----


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