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Created by Rohini Chowdhury

How well do you know your Alice?
Find out with this crossword, based on Lewis Carroll's
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. The solution to each clue is a word, a character, or a creature that occurs in the two Alice books.

We do not have the online version of the crossword yet, but hope to be able to put it up soon! Meanwhile, do print it out, and take a shot at it with pen or pencil!

Crossword grid

Did you know...?
Lewis Carroll's real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was first published in 1865.
Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There was published in 1871.

Considering the advent of many educational toys which make kids utilize their intellectual skills, we're sure that they will enjoy this puzzle as much as they enjoy riding in Little Tikes cars. Moreover, they will surely find it interesting; and will not bore them.


Clues Across

1. Red, White, Hearts, Alice in the Eighth Square (6)
3. Looking Glass forest could be like this (6)
5. Wanted the Crown, but, tired and sleepy, settled for plum cake instead (4)
7. Snicker-snack, a kind of blade (6)
9. Bird looks like live mop in looking glass (9)
11. Talking Insect sadly sighing, from Third Square to Fourth (4)
12. Lithe and Slimy packed together (6)
14. A gyroscope would do this - as would 3 Down (4)
15. Running late - Why, Mary Ann - fetch his gloves and fan (6)
18. One is Hatta, this is the other - one to come and one to go (6)
19. Time being murdered, stood still for a hot cuppa... (3)
20. Baked and stolen - I gave her one (4)
22. Flimsy and Miserable rolled into one (5)
23. Words marked in currants on a cake - had curious results (3,2)
24. Along with much else, could discuss these with oysters (8)

Clues Down

2. Fabulous creature with hands in his pockets - settles for plum cake with 5 Across (7)
3. Like a badger, a corkscrew, a lizard - it gimbles in the wabe (4)
4. Falls into a pool of tears - and refuses to tell its age (4)
6. Same as 14 Across (4)
8. Again - 4 Down (4)
10. Bellowed, whistled, sneezed in the middle -sort of thing 15 Down would do (8)
11. Danced a quadrille with the Turtle - Come on! This is easy (7)
12. Thrown into it with the lobsters, could mistake a pool of tears for it (3)
13. 19 Across with him and a Hare - enough to drive you mad (6)
15. Green pigs sort of (5)
16. Dum and Dee agree on this (6)
17. A nice new cause for 16 Down (6)
21. A cat may look at him, but if you wake the Red one up, you may cease to be (4)


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