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A Trip Around the Universe

retold by Rohini Chowdhury


Two Rivers

Dhruv - The Pole Star

Ganesh, Parvati's son

Kartikkeya - the Son of Shiva

A Trip Around the Universe

Krishna's Birth

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Ganesh and Kartikkeya are the sons of the god Shiva and his consort, the goddess Parvati. There is always a mild rivalry between Ganesh, the God of Wisdom, and Kartikkeya, the God of War. Kartikkeya tries to outdo his wise, clever but easy-going brother in everything. Ganesh couldn't really be bothered to make too much of an effort - he is happy and content in his own being.

Read the story of one incident in their childhood...

One afternoon, Shiva and Parvati in their home on Mount Kailash were trying to get some rare quiet time together. But Ganesh and Kartikkeya, their two little sons, wouldn't leave them in peace. Despite the fact that their parents were gods, and they themselves worshipped all over the world, Ganesh and Kartikkeya could be as noisy and troublesome as any other pair of little boys.

Sometimes Ganesh would come crying, 'Ma, Kartikkeya hit me! Tell him to stop!'Kartikkeya would protest and appeal to his father, 'I didn't hit him! It was only a tap! Why is he such a cry-baby?' Kartikkeya was tall and strong, unlike Ganesh, and easily beat him in all games of physical strength.

Or else Kartikkeya would come running in a rage. 'Ganesh is a cheat! How come he always wins every game?' he would cry, stamping his feet in fury. Ganesh would smirk and say, 'I didn't cheat! You're angry because you lost!' This was usually true since Ganesh could easily outsmart his brother in any game that required wit or intelligence. But Kartikkeya hated losing, especially to his fat, easy-going brother with an elephant's head, and Ganesh's smug air of accomplishment would drive him to even greater fury.

Parvati tried talking to Ganesh, pointing out that as the more intelligent one, he should be the one to give in. Shiva tried to appeal to Kartikkeya's sense of chivalry, that as the stronger one, he should not hit his weaker brother.

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