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Krishna's Birth

retold by Rohini Chowdhury


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Krishna's Birth

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The god Krishna, revered by all Hindus, is considered to be the complete, and perfect, incarnation of the great god, Vishnu the Preserver.

This is the story of how Vishnu, to rid the world of evil, took birth upon this earth as Krishna...

Many thousands of years ago, the city of Mathura in northern India was ruled by a powerful and evil demon called Kansa.

The people of Mathura and of the surrounding villages were terrified of Kansa, and tired of his cruelty. It seemed that there was no one on earth brave and strong enough to defeat Kansa. Kansa seemed invincible.

But Kansa did have one soft spot, and that was his fondness for his sister Devaki. Devaki was good, kind and gentle, as unlike the cruel Kansa as possible. When Devaki was old enough, it was arranged that she would marry Vasudev, a good and noble man who was a follower of Vishnu, and did not fear the demon Kansa at all. Kansa, despite his evil ways, held Vasudev in great respect. So Kansa rejoiced at Devaki's marriage with Vasudev, and celebrated the wedding with everyone else.

But suddenly, as the wedding ceremony came to an end, a voice was heard - a voice which seemed to come from the sky, and which filled the great hall and awed all those who stood there. 'The marriage of Devaki and Vasudev shall be blessed, for of this union shall be born eight sons,' said the voice. 'But let the demon Kansa beware - Devaki's eighth son will be his end.'

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