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Dhruv, the Pole Star

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Dhruv - The Pole Star

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Ultimately Vishnu himself noticed the boy and felt the strength of his meditation. 'I must grant him what he wants,' said the great god Narayan to himself. 'Such perseverance and steadiness of purpose must be rewarded.'

So Narayan came down to the forest, and stood before Dhruv. 'I am here, Dhruv,' he said. 'What is it that you want so much?' But Dhruv only smiled when he saw Narayan.

So Vishnu turned Dhruv into a little star and placed him high in the sky, above the world, and away from all jealousy and evil. The Seven Rishis, who had protected Dhruv as he prayed, Vishnu turned into seven bright stars and placed them protectively around the little Dhruv-star.

Even today, when you look up into the sky, you will be able to see a little star shining high above. This little star never moves, for it is Dhruv, who never moved from his meditation of Narayan. We call this star the pole star. Children in India still call it 'Dhruv-tara' or 'Dhruv-star'. The seven stars of the Seven Rishis can also be seen, slowly moving around the pole star. These Seven Stars form the constellation known as Saptarishi in India, and as the Great Bear in other parts of the world.

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