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Dhruv - the Pole Star

retold by Rohini Chowdhury


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Dhruv - The Pole Star

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This is the story of Dhruv, the little boy who became the Pole Star, and of his protectors, the Seven Rishis who forever circle round him in the sky.

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Long, long time ago, there lived a king called Uttanapada. King Uttanapada had two queens, Suniti and Suruchi.

Queen Suniti was the older queen. She was good and kind and gentle. She had a little son called Dhruv. Queen Suruchi, the younger queen, was very beautiful, but proud and haughty. Suruchi, too, had a son, who was called Uttama.

Suruchi was determined that her son Uttama should be king when he grew up. But since Dhruv was the older son, he was more likely to be made king. So Suruchi decided to get rid of Suniti and her baby son Dhruv.

Now, Suruchi was also the King's favourite queen. Uttanapada loved her for her beauty, and was willing to do anything to make her happy. So Suruchi made him banish Suniti and Dhruv into the forest, far away from the royal palace.

Suniti lived quietly in the forest, bringing up her little son, who soon grew to be a bright, clever little boy. One day, when Dhruv was seven, he asked Suniti, 'Ma, who is my father?'

Suniti smiled sadly. 'The great King Uttanapada himself is your father, Dhruv,' she said. 'He lives far away in the royal palace.'

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