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The Two Sisters-in-Law

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The Two Sisters-in-Law

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The rich sister-in-law was overjoyed. This is exactly what she had been hoping for. 'Ganeshji,' she said, 'my sister-in-law's house was a tiny house, mine is huge, and empty. So please 'go' wherever you wish to.'

Ganesh took her at her word and deposited large piles of elephant dung all over the house.

'Where should I wipe myself?' he asked once he was done.

'Ganeshji, please wipe yourself on my head,' the rich woman offered greedily.

Ganesh did as she asked, and wiping his behind on her head, he disappeared.

The rich sister-in-law woke up, and what did she see? On the floor, not a heap of glittering diamonds, but a pile of elephant dung. And as for her hair - don't ask!!!

'Ganeshji, oh Ganeshji,' she wailed, 'Why did you do this to me? You gave my sister-in-law diamonds, and you left me with...this!'

Ganesh appeared and said, 'Your sister-in-law is a good woman; she called me because she was in trouble. You are a greedy woman, you called me because you wanted even more wealth than you already have!'

'Ganeshji, I am sorry,' wept the rich sister-in-law. 'Can you please, please now remove your blessings from my house? I'll never be greedy again.'

'First give half of your wealth to your sister-in-law and make sure you never treat her badly again,' said Ganesh. 'Only then will I clean up your house.'

The rich sister-in-law called the poor sister-in-law and greeting her with great affection gave her half her money and jewels.

Ganesh, content, vanished, as did the mess in the rich sister-in-law's house.

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