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A leprechaun is a tiny fairy in the form of an old man, sometimes with a cocked hat and a leather apron. He is said to live in remote, hidden places, and make shoes and brogues for the fairies. He possesses hidden treasure. If he is caught and threatened, he may, if his captor keeps looking at him, reveal the hiding place of the treasure. Usually, however, he manages to trick his captor into glancing away - and vanishes.

Leprechauns are special to Ireland and Irish folklore.

A Leprechaun Poem to read

The Leprecaun or Fairy Shoemaker

Written by William Allingham, this poem gives a vivid and evocative picture of a leprechaun as he sits hidden in his underground cave, making shoes for the fairies. William Allingham describes a leprechaun as:

A wrinkled, wizen'd, and bearded Elf,
Spectacles stuck on his pointed nose,
Silver buckles to his hose,
Leather apron - shoe in his lap...

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