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How many different kinds of fairy are there?

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It is very difficult to say exactly how many types of fairy there are. People across the world use hundreds of fairy names. Sometimes different names are used for similar fairy types - goblin, kobold and brownie all describe household fairies. Sometimes, the same fairy name means different things to different people - an elf to a modern-day child in England may mean a small, pretty little creature that would do her no harm. But to a farmer a few hundred years ago, an elf was a wicked and malicious creature that could harm his cattle and steal away his children. Perhaps no one can really say how many kinds of fairy there are, especially because human beings are always inventing more! Did you know that some scholars consider aliens to be our modern fairy and films like Star Wars or Star Trek our modern fairytales?

Take a look at what we have put together for you on the most popular and common fairy types:



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