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Cap o' Rushes

Retold by Rohini Chowdhury

This is an English fairy tale, much like the Cinderella story. It was recorded by Joseph Jacobs in his book English Fairy Tales, published in 1890. Though no fairies appear in this story, strange and extraordinary things do happen. Shakespeare used a similar plot in his play King Lear, where Lear's daughter Cordelia is comparable to the girl Cap o' Rushes in this story.


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Long long time ago, there lived a rich man and his three daughters.

One day, the rich man asked his daughters, 'How much do you love me, my dears?'

'Why, Father,' said the first daughter, ' I love you as much as life itself.'

'Oh, Father,' said the second daughter, 'I love you more than all the world.'

The rich man was very pleased. Then he turned to his youngest daughter, and asked, 'And how much do you love me, my little one?'

'I love you as much as food loves salt, Father,' she replied, quietly.

This made the rich man very angry. 'You don't love me at all!', he exclaimed. 'You will no longer live in my house or be my daughter!' he said. He threw his youngest daughter out of the house, and shut the door.

The poor girl wandered on and on by herself, till she came to a riverbank where tall, green rushes grew. She cut the rushes and wove herself a cloak and a hood to hide her beautiful clothes. She then went to a large house that she could see, and knocked at the kitchen door.

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