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The Talkative Turtle

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The Talkative Turtle

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So the swans did as she asked. They found a strong stick and each swan held one end of it in its beak. The turtle held on to the middle with her mouth, and away they flew, all three of them.


turtleIt was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to the turtle. She was amazed at the way the world looked so far above the ground. She was longing to say something, but remembered in time to keep quiet.


At last they reached the lake the swans had found. It was a beautiful lake, large and blue, with plenty of water. 'Oh look!' the turtle began in excitement, remembering much too late to keep quiet. The stick slipped from her mouth and down she fell from the sky onto the rocks below. The swans were sad to see the end of their friend - the turtle did not live to enjoy the lake, only because she did not know when to stop talking.

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