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The Indigo Jackal

Retold from the Panchatantram by Rohini Chowdhury


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Once, on a dark, cold winter's night, a jackal wandered into a village looking for food. The jackal was very hungry. The winter had been long and hard, and there was no food left in the forest. 'Perhaps', said the jackal to himself, 'I will find something to eat in the village.'

The jackal soon found a rubbish heap in the village. He began sniffing and scratching and rummaging about in the rubbish, looking for scraps to eat. Soon he was making such a noise that the village dogs heard him.    jackal

dogNow, these dogs did not like jackals. They began barking and growling, and attacked the jackals from all sides. another dog
one more dog They scratched and bit the jackal with their sharp claws and big teeth. Terrified, the poor jackal ran from the dogs as fast as he could, through the dark deserted streets of the village. But the dogs did not give up - they ran after him, growling and snarling and barking even more loudly.

The jackal did not know what to do. He did not dare to stop, and he knew he could not run for much longer. Suddenly he saw the wall of a courtyard before him. Without waiting to think he jumped over the wall, and straight into a large pot of indigo dye! The dye had been left there by a dyer, all ready to be used in the morning. The jackal was now dyed a rich indigo colour!

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